Jacquie Forde

Jacquie Forde is a mental health educator, business coach and consultant, wife and mother to three tenacious daughters. She teaches and mentors human beings, professional coaches, entrepreneurs, teenagers and souls to find peace of mind and their ability to live authentic selves guiding them to a happier and more fulfilling life whilst also helping them to develop insightful practices and businesses.

Jacquie loves to work with women lost in the midst of parenthood, the glass ceiling and the corporate sticky floor to get clear about living an abundant, joyful life with clarity and purpose. She is an international speaker, trainer, activist and a campaigner for political improvements in Scotland and the UK to improve health, mental wellbeing and equality, especially for disadvantaged communities.

Jacquie’s work is guided by The Three Principles first articulated by Mr. Sydney Banks, which is considered to be a new spiritual and psychological paradigm.