Jacquie Moses

Jacquie Moses is the co-founder of the Women’s Wellbeing conference, the first event of its kind in the UK to bring mental wellbeing for women to the forefront. She has always had a passion for empowering women to live happy fulfilling lives. Before coming across the Principles she worked as a coach for over 13 years supporting hundreds of women to achieve success in their business, career and personal life. After training to be a Three Principles facilitator in 2014, her work has been focussed on helping people to understand how the mind works, so that they can experience more clarity, peace and resilience, in their personal lives, at work or in prison.

Currently Jacquie is a 3Ps facilitator in a UK prison for Beyond Recovery. Back at home, she has been supporting homeless young women for 8 years, providing a safe home to over 16 young women who have lived in her home. Now along with a colleague she’s designed and co-facilitated an innovative programme for young people living at Centrepoint, the homeless charity for young people. In 2017, she’ll be working with women who have experienced domestic violence and with looked after children in the foster care system. The results of the work she’s involved in with colleagues has seen individuals have life changing insights, leading to sustainable change in the way they feel about themselves, behave and in the choices they make going forward.