Rediscover your resilience

Now, more than ever, the world needs strong and resilient women who live a life that’s in flow (rather than blocked), who are able to bounce back when things haven’t gone the way they’d hoped, whose relationships are mutually loving, healthy and nurturing, and who are empowered mentally and emotionally to achieve the things that are important to them. The Women’s Wellbeing Conference is dedicated to making this happen.

The principles underlying what you’ll learn at the conference are incredibly powerful, yet remarkably simple. They point to an understanding of how the mind works for all human beings and how we experience our day to day reality of life. And yet they’ve been transformative for people from all walks of life, facing all sorts of challenges, from workaholic CEOs of multinational corporations to violent gang members imprisoned in some of the US’s and UK’s toughest jails; survivors of trauma to ambitious athletes; impoverished artists to struggling parents: homeless teenagers to women just like you.

So why not join us at the Women’s Wellbeing Conference in London this February, and unlock the secret to a happier, more successful and more rewarding life? The two-day conference will expose you to a new way of understanding yourself and others (an inside out approach, rather than an outside in one), with the help of our speakers sharing their incredible stories and profound insights. There’s also a networking event on the Saturday, designed for you to meet other like-minded women and connect with the speakers over a glass or two of wine, before heading home at the end of the first day.