Anya Layfield

Anya’s strong interest in culture, human experience and psychology has dictated her background in interpreting, translating and international cultural affairs. Since recently, she switched her focus solely onto helping people around the world overcoming their challenges and confidently stepping towards their dreams.

After having a moment of epiphany around the deceptive nature of her own thinking and the potential limitless of human capacity, she started Live Lighter, a company dedicated to bringing clarity and resilience into organisations and individual lives.

Since 2015, together with Jacquie Moses, she started the Women’s Wellbeing Conference, the first event of it’s type in the UK aiming at helping women discover the true source of their wellbeing and deal with their day-to-day challenges in a simpler, lighter way.

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Jacquie Moses

Jacquie Moses is the co-founder of the Women’s Wellbeing conference, the first event of its kind in the UK to bring mental wellbeing for women to the forefront. She has always had a passion for empowering women to live happy fulfilling lives. Before coming across the Principles she worked as a coach for over 13 years supporting hundreds of women to achieve success in their business, career and personal life. After training to be a Three Principles facilitator in 2014, her work has been focussed on helping people to understand how the mind works, so that they can experience more clarity, peace and resilience, in their personal lives, at work or in prison.

Currently Jacquie is a 3Ps facilitator in a UK prison for Beyond Recovery. Back at home, she has been supporting homeless young women for 8 years, providing a safe home to over 16 young women who have lived in her home. Now along with a colleague she’s designed and co-facilitated an innovative programme for young people living at Centrepoint, the homeless charity for young people. In 2017, she’ll be working with women who have experienced domestic violence and with looked after children in the foster care system. The results of the work she’s involved in with colleagues has seen individuals have life changing insights, leading to sustainable change in the way they feel about themselves, behave and in the choices they make going forward.

Cathy Casey

Cathy Casey has been teaching “3 Principles Programs” to a wide range of people in many different environments throughout the world for the past 20 years. Cathy has implemented a Principle Based Resiliency Program in Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, San Jose, California, one of the largest public hospitals in the United States. She has conducted training in Belgium, Israel, Finland, Norway and Russia. Persons wanting to advance their consulting/coaching careers also seek her out for her mentoring services. Catherine also has shared the principles to LGBT groups and individuals.

Organizations Include:
Fortune 500 Corporations, Medical Centers, State and County Government organizations, Adult and Juvenile Criminal Justice Systems (including San Quentin Prison), Law Enforcement, Educational Institutions (Elementary through College), Psychiatric Residential Facilities, and Addiction Treatment Programs.

Lila Turner

Since 2013 Lila’s sole focus has been sharing a principle based understanding of the mind to resolve or avoid many of the challenges, problems and issues people and organisations face. Lila is particularly interested in working with people
who are working to make significant change so our children inherit a better world.

Lila left a 20 year career as a women’s wear designer to join the One Thought team where she designs, develop’s and provides programs to individuals and organisations. Her clients vary widely from leaders, engineers, film makers, teachers, teenagers, entrepreneurs. Lila has also worked in schools to give students an understanding their mind to reduce stress, anxiety, exam pressures and improve academic achievement.

Lila is the curator of One Thought Community Night, a weekly talk series located in central London for the public. Each week community night highlights the role of the mind in popular topics and common struggles.
She is currently on the faculty of the One Thought institute developing new practitioners and is a regular conference speaker and presenter both in the UK and abroad.

Jacqueline Hollows

Jacqueline Hollows is the founder of Beyond Recovery CIC “I have been working within the criminal justice system (with support staff and inmates) sharing how our experience of life is created from our own minds. Through a fresh thought in any moment, a deeper level of common sense, connection and resilience is always available. As people learn how their minds work, they are impacted in all sorts of wonderful ways – they get ideas about how to
create businesses, how to heal relationships, and how to help others.

People start to have new thoughts and no longer feel trapped in a particular belief system. They stop taking compulsive thoughts so seriously. They find solutions to problems they thought were intractable. People change in ways that just is not possible through teaching techniques or systems. Even in prison people are finding humor, and connection, and joy and peace of mind. If that is possible in one small section of one prison– the universal possibilities are limitless!”

Stacey Levine

With a background and Masters in Clinical Psychology, Stacey worked for over 10 years with individuals in both the psychiatric and private setting but she felt there was something missing within the mental health field. In 2009, Stacey moved to London and discovered the Three Principles.

She immediately knew that this was her missing piece. She embarked on an incredible journey of learning about this understanding, all the while seeing her own life transform both personally and professionally. She graduated from the One Thought Institute in 2012 and went on to work for One Thought for two years as both a consultant and teacher. In 2014, Stacey decided to form True North along with Dana Arenson.

She also works at the Innate Health Centre, where she is co-director of the Personal Development Programme. Stacey loves the work she does and is passionate about sharing this understanding everywhere.

Jacquie Forde

Jacquie Forde is a mental health educator, business coach and consultant, wife and mother to three tenacious daughters. She teaches and mentors human beings, professional coaches, entrepreneurs, teenagers and souls to find peace of mind and their ability to live authentic selves guiding them to a happier and more fulfilling life whilst also helping them to develop insightful practices and businesses.

Jacquie loves to work with women lost in the midst of parenthood, the glass ceiling and the corporate sticky floor to get clear about living an abundant, joyful life with clarity and purpose. She is an international speaker, trainer, activist and a campaigner for political improvements in Scotland and the UK to improve health, mental wellbeing and equality, especially for disadvantaged communities.

Jacquie’s work is guided by The Three Principles first articulated by Mr. Sydney Banks, which is considered to be a new spiritual and psychological paradigm.

Stephanie Wilson and Kaye Taylor

We are Steph Wilson and Kaye Taylor; close friends, business partners & professionally trained Three Principles Practitioners. We have successfully run talks & seminars about unlocking human potential in different settings including businesses, not for profit and the local community. We share with anyone who is curious to see for themselves, through the power of insight, how life can be lived from a place of synchronicity, ease & understanding.

Having worked together for eighteen years we’ve set up a number of ventures – the first of which is SK Chase, which we still own and provides an online gift voucher application to luxury hotels throughout the UK and Ireland. Our most recent venture is humanbeing.TV which produces recordings of our live events, webinars and community night talks. We also hold programmes for individuals, groups and businesses exploring life (and business) from the inside out.
At the core of our work is our understanding of how life works, through the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness & Thought as uncovered by Sydney Banks in the early 70s.

We point people to their innate wellbeing – and the source of all leadership, innovation and true alignment.


Julia Langkraehr built three multi-million pound retail businesses in three European countries and now works with entrepreneurial leadership teams to help them grow their businesses.

She moved to London in 1999 and after being made redundant, founded and built Retail Profile Europe, which specialises in developing new revenue streams for shopping centres and working with start-up retailers.

The business expanded to two European countries and merged with its largest competitor, Space and People PLC. It now has offices in London, Glasgow, Hamburg, Moscow and Delhi and its turnover exceeds £30 million.

In 2014 she successfully exited and founded Bold Clarity which provides facilitation and training to entrepreneurs, CEOs, their leadership teams and peer groups.
Julia implements the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS), which builds healthy, cohesive leadership teams, clarifying their vision, getting the entire company aligned and helping them become moredisciplinedandaccountable. SheisthefirstProfessionalImplementerofEOSintheUK.

Julia facilitates workshops and retreats for peer groups, including the non-profits, the Young Presidents Organisation (YPO-WPO) and the Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO), and Vistage. She has worked with over 1,500 business owners in 20 countries worldwide.

She regularly gives keynotes for corporates, non-profits and business groups. These include the EO Global Leadership Conference, the Aspire Trailblazing Women Event, companies such as Anytime Fitness and chambers of commerce throughout the UK. She is a Vistage Bureau approved speaker.

As Partnership Mentor for the Key Person of Influence programme, Julia delivers speeches at their Brand Accelerator events about how she grew her businesses using partnerships, and facilitates workshops on how to identify, build and manage these.

Julia is on the advisory board of Aspire Companies, which provides coaching and development for women, as well as supporting the Aspire Foundation, which offers mentoring for women and girls.


  • EOS Professional Implementer
  • Approved Vistage speaker
  • YPO-WPO Certified Forum Facilitator
  • EO Certified Trainer and Strategy Summit Facilitator
  • Trained Co-Active Coach® at the Coaching Training Institute
  • Registered Growth Coach for GrowthAccelerator


Jillian Yanno worked as a social worker with children for eighteen years in various social care settings and obtained Post graduate diplomas in Mental Health Social Work and Play Therapy. She enjoyed providing therapeutic work to children who experienced abuse and mental health difficulties.

In 2014 she attended Michael Neil’s book launch with her daughter who was eleven years old at the time and was fascinated to learn about the Three Principles. This experience literally changed her life and she now spends less time worrying about how circumstances affect her and she experiences her well-being frequently. She’s optimistic that when others access this understanding they will discover as she did that they are not broken or damaged as a result of experiences they have encountered.

She has two teenage daughters and a grown up son.

Varsha Jain

Varsha Jain is a doctor in London and is currently training in obstetrics and gynaecology. Alongside her clinical work, she researches into aspects of female astronaut health in relation to spaceflight. Varsha came across the Three Principles, back in 2012. Over the last four years, she has worked on deepening her understanding of these principles and noted the vast difference they have had on every aspect of her life, both professionally and personally.